EMW is a leader in fall protection inspection and recertification services. They are Latchways certified offering a one stop fall protection shop for inspection including certification of your fall protection systems ensuring compliance with manufacturer, federal and provincial CSA and OH&S legislations. Currently, EMW has expanded fall protection services Canada wide.

EMW is certified to inspect recertify and rebuild various types of self retracting lanyards.


In addition, they supply all calibrating tools to perform proof load test to ensure systems conform to CSA and OH&S legislations.


Certificates and inspection records are supplied to all clients stating compliance of required standards. EMW also offers clients access to their online database for easy access to all required information.


We complete:

  • Single point tie off, inspection and recertification
  • Harness installation, inspection and recertification
  • Vertical life line installation, inspection and recertification
  • Roof systems installation, inspection and recertification


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