car-progEMW has serviced rail car progressioners and rail winches since they were introduced to the industry in 70’s, servicing close to 200 machines in Canada. The process is a complete mechanical inspection and service of the car progressioner and deadman sheaves, inspection of the cable and greasing of the cable. From these inspections EMW generates reports for repair recommendations.


The length of cable is between 2500’ to 5000’ with diameters of 3/4, 7/8, 1 1/8 , 1 1/4 , 1 3/8. These cables are installed in a horizontal orientation and can pull rail cars on one, two, three or four tracks, depending on layout and design. EMW now warehouses all parts for Nord-strong rail car pullers. In addition, they also manufacturer some of the parts, rebuild, and can repair all aspects of the machines. Their engineers have worked on many design, supply and installation projects.


Cable Greasing

EMW has worked with The Kirkpatrick group to develop greasing procedures for the industries we serve. They have also worked closely with Roughrider Rigging to develop custom grease for the agricultural industry cables. High pressure greasing removes the trapped moisture in the cable and fills the void with grease, inhibiting moisture to re-enter the core strand of the cable. It also lubricates the strands to reduce internal wear as the cable is used for pulling. The end result is keeping the core of the cable free from degradation and rusting, keeping the users safe from a cable breaking during operation.



EMW is the Stock Distributor for Nordstrong Parts in Western Canada.

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