EMW Industrial celebrates deliverance of its expert industrial services to clients in the span of three decades

Delivering high quality services is the key for any company’s success and sustaining that level of standard and quality of service for three decades is a tall task. EMW Industrial has recently celebrated 30 years of providing customized industrial services to their clients. According to a spokesperson the company has kept their standard of service high during that time. They have provided their clients with trained professionals in the field. In the span of these 30 years EMW Industrial has served many clients. Their aim is to help clients boost production and increase their profit margins. The company has garnered positive reviews from the clients that they have served.

While celebrating the three decades of the company’s services a company spokesperson says, “EMW Industrial has created a standard of services in the past three decades and we continue to uphold that standard. We hope that we can continue to provide our clients with exceptional services in the future as well.”

The long list of services provided by EMW Industrial includes servicing rail car progressioners and rail winches. They have been providing this service in Canada from the 1970s. Their services include complete mechanical inspection and the maintenance of railcars.

EMW Industrial has been keeping industrial workers safe by providing fall protection services to industries. They have prevented many injuries in the fields and loss of life as well. Their fall protection services are in line with the federal and provincial legislations. After 30 years of providing fall protection services EMW Industrial has expanded the provision of this service to the whole country.

The company is dedicated to providing their clients with installations and repair services at budget friendly rates so the owners get good value for the money they spend. This is just a fraction of the reason many industries have picked EMW Industrial in the past, why they continue to rely on them now and will do so in the future.

About the Company

EMW Industrial is a Saskatchewan industrial company that specializes in industrial field services, fabrication, painting, grain processing, piping/welding services and many other customized industrial services. They have a very experienced group of professionals on board. With their versatile industry experience they deliver best in quality services and value for the client’s money.

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