EMW Industrial receives praise and adulation from their customers for providing expert and exceptional services

EMW Industrial has been the provider of customized industrial services in the Toronto, Calgary and Saskatchewan areas for decades. Their customers praise them for providing excellent quality services to them. The company offers tailor-made services that help clients improve their businesses and raise revenue.

If you need customized industrial services EMW industrial can provide them for you

Owners who run large organizations often need the help of companies that offer various types of customized industrial services. These services may range from welding to electrical services and everything in between.

The availability of quality painting and fabrication services is a rarity in the industrial sector. Industries in need of metal fabricators and commercial painters have to look far and wide to find a company that provides these services with superior expertise. Because it is important for them to find craftsmen that are experienced in metal fabrication and commercial painting.

EMW Industrial celebrates deliverance of its expert industrial services to clients in the span of three decades

Delivering high quality services is the key for any company’s success and sustaining that level of standard and quality of service for three decades is a tall task. EMW Industrial has recently celebrated 30 years of providing customized industrial services to their clients. According to a spokesperson the company has kept their standard of service high during that time. They have provided their clients with trained professionals in the field. In the span of these 30 years EMW Industrial has served many clients. Their aim is to help clients boost production and increase their profit margins. The company has garnered positive reviews from the clients that they have served.

Research conducted among different industries says that about 80% of these companies cannot find enough qualified welders to match their needs. As the global construction increases the demand for qualified welding professionals will increase as well. Experts predict that the demand for welding companies will increase by 26% in the next decade. This puts welding as one of the fastest growing professions in the world.

There are many welding techniques to specialize in if you decide to become a welder. But there are some techniques that are more in demand than other. This demand of the techniques leads to welding companies keep a look out for people specializing in these welding techniques.


Mobile welding is a popular service that carries all the benefits of traditional welding at your doorstep. It is a relatively modern service, enabling a faster and more efficient level of work. It is an excellent combination of innovation and experience. Some of the advantages of using mobile welding service are: 

Fall protection is undoubtedly a very important safety measure for any surrounding. It is the responsibility of every company to implement a good fall protection system and to train employees for the precautions necessary for fall protection. Here is a checklist that every company should follow to stay safe from fall incidents.

Serving the needs of companies like Bunge, Cargill AgHorizon, LDM Foods, Parrish & Heimbecker, Paterson Grain, Richardson Pioneer and Viterra, EMW strives to deliver high quality services 24/7.

Every efficient and productive industrial plant owes great debt to its network of pressure pipes that ceaselessly inject fuel and process ingredients, while diligently extracting end products and toxic waste materials from the system. Such high levels of activity also demand that this very network of pressure pipes is regularly maintained using the right set of pressure pipe fabrication services and welding services.

Western Canada is North America’s production center of grain. EMW Industrial has been providing quality agricultural repair and maintenance services to the grain processing industry at every step from designing, setting, installing to maintaining equipment for 33 years!

What are Pressure Pipes?

Pressure pipes are described as pipes that are used to distribute water for different purposes. These pipes are designed in a special fashion to withstand the pressure that exists internally. They are called pressure pipes because they carry water that flows under a great deal of pressure. There is no room for air to enter these systems. The main purpose they serve is to carry water from a reservoir to another place, where required. Additionally, the layers are comprised of materials such as steel, rock and ferroconcrete. This gives them the strength and endurance and the capacity to carry water under great pressure.

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