Production is key to making your profits grow and by investing in the means to preserving your production at a minimal cost only enhances your profits. Predicative technologies used with reliable base maintenance practices will ensure your facility’s health is running at optimum levels. The technologies utilized by the Pepper Industrial group, will also give decision makers quantitative means of basing repairs, regular maintenance, and maintenance frequencies.


pepperPredictive maintenance technology is the key to making sure you avoid the costly downtime by using infrared thermography, vibration analysis and ultrasonics to properly diagnose asset health. Although many people feel this is a new technology, it has been around for a long time. Technologies are always changing and improving. Pepper Industrial stays on top of this by continued training and belonging to peer based associations. With the ability to cover all of Canada, with crews based in Western Canada,  Ontario, Quebec,  and Nova Scotia, they can give customer consistent data from coast to coast. The US parent company, based in Minier Il, services the entire USA, so North American based customers can be serviced by one supplier, with consistent data.


The Pepper Maintenance division strives at provides services with certified technicians in infrared, vibration analysis, ultrasonics, and laser alignment. With interprovincial tickets in both the millwright and electrical trades, we help with whatever problems you may have, by using the best state of the art equipment.


Services provided:

• Vibration analysis
• Ultrasonic detection
• Precision laser alignment
• Oil sampling
• Infrared analysis (electrical and mechanical)

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