Supporting community for which one works is not only ethical but is also a responsibility that several companies and organizations fail to fulfill. Everyone has a role in the society; fulfilling it is the main challenge!

Several companies contribute generously to the society and the community. Indeed, it is the customers or the clients who can serve as the support system for an organization helping it flourish and rise above others. EMW plays a vital role in giving back and supporting the community where they live and work.

The spokesperson for EMW stated the following about serving the community, “it is a way of thanking everyone in the society who has helped build us. We are what we are because of our clients and customers. We believe in putting smiles across as many faces as we can.” He then added “it gives us great joy to feel like we are a part of the community.” Towards the end he stated, “Everyone has a responsibility towards their society and towards the environment at large. We try to make a conscious effort towards saving our eco system.”

Not only does EMW contribute money and materials to the community, it also contributes a great deal of time to it as well. They actively and whole heartedly participate in the projects that take place. Amongst the many different projects that have taken place, EMW has made contributions towards Bredenbury Festival of Lights, Saltcoats Daycare, Saltcoats Minor Sports, the Canadian Cancer Society and The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Besides participation in such big and great events, EMW also makes a major contribution towards the environment. They have a detailed and comprehensive environmental policy. Contained in the policy for instance, is the strict use of environmentally friendly paint.

About the Company

EMW Industrial is a multi product and service organization that has managed to provide quality services since 1971. EMW is a Saskatchewan industrial company that proudly provides quality services and products with great dedication to several different industries such as the mining, construction, agriculture, gas and oil sector and etc. They understand well the value and importance of maintenance and care for the equipment that helps keep an industry running. They also offer consultations to help enhance the productivity, reliability and standards of different industries.

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