Who are Industrial Electricians?

These are individuals who are skilled at handling tools and other mechanical equipment. Their responsibilities include installation, maintenance, repair of electrical equipment alongside its testing and troubleshooting. There are certain important skills and knowledge that assist an industrial electrician in carrying out their duties. A certified, well qualified and skilled industrial electrician is likely to have a plethora of career opportunities to choose from.

Career Opportunities

A certified industrial electrician will be able to find work in different types of industries. Their typical employers include steel producers, mining companies, electrical consumption firms, electrical power companies, motor vehicle manufacturers, paper companies and vehicle parts manufacturers. They might also be hired by firms or organizations with a maintenance department.

Jobs for an Industrial Electrician

Although it is believed that the field is male dominated, recently many women have also shown a great deal of interest in becoming industrial electricians. These individuals work in several different locations under a variety of job titles. They will be able to successfully find a job as a Mill Electrician, Plant Electrician, Industrial Electrician Apprentice, Marine Electrician, Mine Electrician and Plant Maintenance Electrician.

Each and every aspiring industrial electrician has to undertake a certification examination to qualify as a journeyman electrician. The exam is designed to test the basic concepts and knowledge of a candidate.

What is EMW?

EMW was established in the year 1971 and has dedicated their efforts in providing quality services ever since. They are a Saskatchewan industrial company and are a multi product and service organization. For the construction, mining, agricultural repair and maintenance services and oil and gas sector and the like, EMW provides an exceptional quality of services and products.

Industrial Electricians and EMW

EMW truly understands the importance of a good and well certified workforce and the value and importance of proper maintenance that industrial products require. For this reason only, EMW hires the most qualified and capable industrial electricians of all. They believe in the fact that the installation and fixture of electrical component should be undertaken by a professional. The EMW industrial electrician will not only accurately identify the area of improvement or repairs or fixtures for electrical equipment, they will also provide recommendations to staff of their clients. Only professionals with a specified level of achievement are hired by EMW. Competent and well versed candidates are also provided with training after they have been hired. Therefore, the Saskatchewan industrial company takes great interest in building an experienced and skilled workforce.

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