Saltcoats, Sask. – EMW Industrial announces a new partnership with Pepper Maintenance Systems Inc. – Pepper Industrial Maintenance Group.The new venture will provide predictive maintenance services to the industrial and agri-business industries through the use of infrared thermography, vibration analysis, precision laser alignment, and ultrasonic inspections.

“We are thrilled to be offering this service to customers throughout Western Canada,” EMW General Manager Ewen Morrison said.

“As partners in this new venture, we share some common goals: improving efficiency, conserving energy, and reducing unplanned downtime using predictive technologies.

“Pepper Maintenance Systems Inc. has experienced great success in North America and I’m confident EMW’s new partnership will be just as successful here.

"There will be significant benefits to customers who utilize these predictive maintenance systems, including not losing valuable time to equipment failures.”

About EMW Industrial EMW Industrial offers quality, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of equipment for agri-business and industrial clients.

A leader in innovation and safety, EMW Industrial offers services that improve efficiency, conserve energy, and contribute to their customers’ bottom line.

About Pepper Maintenance Systems Based in Illinois, Pepper Maintenance Systems Inc. concentrates their efforts on grain, fertilizer, feed, and processing facilities; as well as municipal waste water systems throughout North America.

Infrared surveys help to prevent breakdowns, fires, and explosions and show the condition of all equipment.

Locating abnormal heat patterns or "hot spots" can save customers money and downtime.

At the same time, vibration services assess equipment performance and operating conditions caused by misalignment, structural issues, vibrations, design flaws, and any other issues identified with this examination.

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