In the past 5 months at the LDM site we have maintained a crew of about 8 men. We have been doing maintenance and other duties requested by LDM. In the past 2 months the bigger projects have been on hold as LDM is near there year end budget. The good news is that they are preparing to continue with different projects when the new budget is released. We recently completed in August there first shutdown with a crew of 23 men for a 2 week period.

EMW was very successful through out the shutdown with completing the original scope of work and the additional daily tasks. EMW assisted other contractors late in the shutdown and helped them complete there scopes of work. Mechanically the plant start up went excellent with no major issues and LDM was crushing at full capacity the following day. The maintenance contract runs due at the end of December and at this time is looking very promising that it will be renewed for the following year. LDM is planning another shutdown in the spring and is hoping to have a bi-yearly shutdown for maintenance. Thanks to everyone for a job well done. Jason Trowell

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