The Human Resource Dept. hired 70 more field staff to accommodate projects at K1,Mosaic K2 and PCS Rocanville. EMW was very busy at K2 Esterhazy throughout the summer. Our manpower increased from 50to 105 men on site through pre shutdown and shutdown. This was the biggest crew we have had since EMW began.

K2 shutdown was very successful with our crews making all of their targets. At K2 we currently have 30-35 workers on the CM/CS260 project and 20-30 guys working on various Mosaic projects. We moved a crew over to K1 for their summer shutdown consisting of 24 workers for the duration. Currently we have a 4-6 man crew at K1 working consistently. The CM/CS 260 project will stay steady for manpower until March of 2011. We have a project at the K2 storage barn which will be starting mid November and will be running approximately 8 months with 15-20 field staff. The K1 Trestle job will be startingNov.1/2010 and will run 2 months with 6men. EMW has various maintenance jobs at Mosaic that will keep our crews busy and driven into the New Year. Thank you to all who contributed in the success of EMW at the Mosaic Locations. Keep up the great work

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