What is EMW?

EMW industrial, a Saskatchewan industrial company, has been involved in providing high quality services and products to different industrial sectors such as the agricultural, mining, construction oil and gas sector etc. They offer services such as pepper maintenance, grain processing services, fabrication and painting services, welding and piping services, mechanical inspections and much more.

EMW has been a part of the industrial field services for more than four decades and understands well the importance of providing quality services to different industries. A great deal of value is placed in making the business of their clients flourish as their main aim resides in the efforts to help enhance the productivity, reliability, quality and efficiency for their customers.

The staff at EMW not only manages to identify areas of concern or improvement but also go a step ahead to educate the staff of the customer on the maintenance of the equipment. One of their main aims is to maintain a long term relationship with their clients and provide exceptional customer service and care. To build a healthy relationship with the customer they follow the following 8 step industrial repair and maintenance routine:

Step 1

Design is one mechanism through which EMW helps the clients understand multiple elements. For instance, they adopt techniques to eliminate bottle necks in the oil industries. They take a thorough look and analyze the design and infrastructure of their project. Besides this, they make upgrades, project designs and capacity increase as well.

Step 2

Engineering/Drafting is provided in-house engineering along with drafting services.

Step 3

Fabrication shop is involved in building and creating range process equipment. The shop is based on 8,000 sq ft. and produces about 200 tons of steel in a month.

Step 4

Painting facility also covers an area of 8,000 sq ft. and is operated environmentally friendly.

Step 5

Logistics are managed by professional and fully trained drivers and operators. EMW has its own delivery trucks that are equipped to deal with heavy equipment and machinery.

Step 6

Installation is managed by skilled and well trained crew such as iron workers and welders and pipe fitters. Each task is managed by individuals, who specialize in the area. Additionally, EMQ has alliances with other companies to for specialize assistance.

Step 7

Training is provided to the team with the effort and aim of building a specialized workforce.

Step 8

Maintenance is taken care of by the highly trained and specialized staff. They coordinate and plan their work in a responsible and professional fashion.

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