emw-supplier-arrowcorp Arrowcorp: Parts, Service, Installations, Grain Flow Designs, Stocking Distributor
emw-supplier-nordstrong Nordstrong - Rail Car Progressioners: Rail Car Progressioners, Parts, Maintenance, Installations, Stocking Stronco Distributors Parts
emw-supplier-maxilift Maxi-Lift: Elevator Buckets and Hardware
emw-supplier-hiroller Hi Roller: Parts, Sales, Service and Installations
emw-supplier-intersystems Intersystems: Cross-cut, Probe & Truck Samplers - Parts, Service, Installation
emw-supplier-lawmarot Law-Marot-Milpro: Grain Dryers: Grain Dryers: Parts, Sales, Service and Installations.
emw-supplier-carterday Carter Day: Grain Dockage Testers, Parts, Service, Sales and Calibration
emw-supplier-seedburo Seedburo Limited: Seed Testing Equipment
emw-supplier-peppermaintena Pepper Maintenance: Vibration and Infra-Red Equipment Analysis and Preventative Maintenance Planning
emw-supplier-concentric Concentric Engineering Services: Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and Drafting
emw-supplier-lvcontrol L.V. Control Manufacturing Limited: L.V. Control specializes in the design and manufacture of custom electrical and electronic control systems.
emw-supplier-zjsolutions Z J Solutions: Bulk Materials Handling
  Orion Sheet Metal: Dust control and aspiration


We provide consulting and design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and safety services to the following industries:


  • Fabrication and installation
  • Maintenance and shut down overhaul services

Manufacturing and Processing

  • Food processing
  • Feed processing
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Maintenance and shut down overhaul services


  • Car progressioners for rail car movement at plants and facilities located along rail lines
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Maintenance and shut down overhaul services

Grain Handling and Fertilizer

  • Emergency repairs for breakdowns – help our customers deliver their product on time and protect their markets
  • Proactive maintenance planning – help our customers maximize asset health, increase up time, minimize down time and protect profits
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Maintenance and shut down overhaul services

Oil and Gas

  • Fabrication of components for pipelines and distribution
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Maintenance and shut down overhaul services

We are expanding our resources and building our capacity to serve wind energy organizations.

Over the past four decades, EMW has been fortunate to work with many great businesses in Canada and abroad. Below is a list of the companies for whom we have completed major projects.

• ADM Milling • Graymount Mines • Prairie Malt Ltd.
• Agrium Inc. • Hatch • Rahr Malting
• AMC Mining • Inland Terminal
   Association of Canada
• Richardson Pioneer
• AMEC • Lafarge • Terra Grain Fuels
• Bunge • LDM Foods • TransAlta
• Cameco • Louis Dreyfus Commodities • Trimac
• Canada Malt • Mosaic • Viterra
• Cargill AgHorizon • Parrish and Heimbecker  
• Federated Co-op • Paterson Grain  
• Grain Millers Inc. • PotashCorp  


Every new hire at EMW attends a three to four day orientation program. The training program covers company processes, human resources information, and an overview of the company and its operations

Workplace safety is a strong component of this training ensuring that every employee, from office workers to production staff, has the best possible understanding of the challenges that various industries provide.

Once employment begins the opportunities are endless. EMW believes that training is the key to success for both employees and the company. To further these goals, employees can request transfers to other divisions of the company where they will receive all of the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

EMW is a strong supporter of apprenticeship programs and currently offers apprenticeship programs in the following: crane operator, welder, millwright, ironworker, steam fitter, pipe fitter, steel fabricator and parts person.

EMW understands that prospective employees are looking for an employer that will hire them and mentor them as they work through their apprenticeship program and
achieve their Journeyman’s Certificate. As part of that commitment, they offer financial assistance to ease the financial burdens of being a student. EMW has an excellent retention rate of the employees they have mentored as most of these freshly minted journeymen continue their careers with EMW. This is something that the management team is extremely proud of. Because of this commitment to work with students and help them achieve their goals, EMW has a very loyal work force. Many of the employees initially started working as summer students, so by the time they reach 30 years old they already have 10 to 12 years of industry specific experience. This young, energetic, and eager workforce is one of EMW’s key strategic advantages. Our workforce will ensure growth and longevity in our client relationships.

To satisfy their employee needs, EMW has developed a very competitive wage and benefit structure that meets or exceeds that of the industry. In addition, they have partnered with a wide assortment of travel agencies and retailers to provide employees and their families with discounts on vacations, clothing, and more.

EMW currently employs the following trades people:

• Welders
• Industrial Mechanics
• Automotive Mechanics
• Class A Boom Truck Operators
• Ironworker
• Parts Person
• Steamfitter-Pipefitter
• Electrician

EMW Industrial is a Saskatchewan industrial company specializing in industrial field services, fabrication, painting, grain processing, piping/welding services and much more. With an experienced professional crew on board and versatile industry experience, we deliver the best in quality and value.


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