The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) has certified to EMW to CSA Standard W47.1 for fusion welding of Fabrication of Structural Steel and EMW meets the W59 CWB standard.

EMW also has registration certification from the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Unit to perform the following pressure welding services:

  • ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Pressure Vessels - Construct, Repair & Alteration (shop and field)
  • ASME Section 1 Power Boilers - Construct, Repair & Alteration (shop and field)
  • ASME Section IV Heating Boilers - Construct, Repair, & Alteration (shop and field)
  • ASME B31.1 Boiler External Piping - Construct, Repair, & Alteration (shop and field)
  • ASME B31.1 Power Piping - Construct, Repair, & Alteration (shop and field)
  • ASME B31.1 Process Piping - Construct, Repair, & Alteration (shop and field)
  • ASME B51 Category D, E, F & H Fittings - Construct, Repair, & Alteration (shop and field)


Today EMW employs as many as 245 people. Every one of them is a part of
the family, some by blood, and all of them because of the special
relationships that they have formed with each other. Although employees
are spread across the prairie provinces, EMW is proud to call Saltcoats,SK
home. In 2007, Morrison decided that the ownership structure of the
company was not adequate to further grow the company. In a structured
management buy-in, fifteen members of EMW’s management team
became shareholders in the company. This new corporate structure
provided stability and new capital for EMW to expand capacity and
continue to grow.

Ben Hutchings: Ben joined EMW in 1998 and is a journeyperson welder. Ben is the Manager of a company specific maintenance department. This department provides

specialized third party proactive maintenance to a specific client.

Chris Morrison:
Chris joined EMW in 1998. Chris is a journeyperson millwright. Chris is the manager of our Specialty Services Division.

Derek Good:
Derek joined EMW in 2002. Derek is a journey person welder. Derek is a senior project manager.

Dustin Brears:
Dustin joined EMW in 2003. Dustin is a certified CSO. Dustin is a Division Manager in charge of our EHS Department & IT Department.

Ewen Morrison:
Ewen and his wife Shirley founded EMW in 1971. Ewen is an industrial millwright, a welder and a boom truck “A” journeyperson. Ewen is the CEO of EMW.

Garnet Bjornerud:
Garnet joined EMW in 2002. Garnet has his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Garnet is the Administration Manager.

Heather Taylor:
Heather joined EMW in 2003. Heather is the Assistant Manager of Administration/Finance.

Jason Trowell:
Jason joined EMW in 2000. Jason is a journeyperson welder. Jason is a senior project manager.

Jeff Becker:
Jeff joined EMW in 1998. Jeff is a journeyperson Welder. Jeff is the manager of our project design department.

Jordan Bugg:
Jordan joined EMW in 2001. Jordan is a journeyperson iron worker. Jordan is the manager of our Field Services Division.

Justin Morrison:
Justin joined EMW in 1999. Justin is a journeyperson welder. Justin is a project manager.

Ken Morrison:
Ken joined EMW in 1986. Ken is a millwright, a welder and a boom truck “A” journeyperson. Ken is the Manager of our Sales & Marketing Division.

Patrick Morrison:
Patrick joined EMW in 1997. Patrick is a journeyperson welder and a third year millwright apprentice. Patrick is our Production Division Manager.

Rob Myron:
Rob joined EMW in 2004. Rob is a civil engineering technologist and a journeyperson millwright. Rob is our Europe & Asia Marketing & Sales Department Manager.

Trevor Mack:
Trevor joined EMW in 2002. Trevor is a journeyperson millwright. Trevor is our Estimating Department Manager.


Today Shareholders meet bimonthly and have an open table discussion
about company operations. The Board of Directors meets monthly and
provides information to the management team. The Division Managers
meet weekly or more often as needed. EMW has a defined hierarchy of
decision making with employees at project level being empowered to
contribute ideas to the company.

Developing Innovation
From EMW’s earliest days, the senior management team has not been afraid to invest in new technologies and new industries. As an example, EMW has successfully diversified its services from serving only the agricultural sector to now serving agricultural, mining, oil and gas, and construction sectors.

Their Pepper Industrial Maintenance division is an example of how they increase value to their clients by using tools such as thermal imaging, vibration analysis, ultrasonics and other advanced technologies to predict and prevent failures.

Sales and Marketing
To manage company growth EMW developed a marketing group. The marketing group meets weekly and its purpose is to prepare EMW for the growth in the industries they serve, as well as to promote their products and services, internal and external communication, and service quality.

Long-Term Plan
EMW has grown continuously, a fact that they attribute to how well they take care of their customers. The succession plan that was put in place in 2007 has enabled EMW to train a new group of managers that are getting incredible experience and will lead EMW into the future.


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Safely Providing Quality Services is the guiding principle EMW Industrial
was founded upon and continues to operate under. Through a humble
beginning of single-handedly providing welding and millwright services
since 1971, EMW has grown into a large multi-product and
provider to many sectors including: agriculture, industrial, construction,
oil and gas, and mining.


EMW takes great pride in their ability to tailor their services and capacity to the varied needs of their clients. Their fully integrated approach combined with their product and service offerings ensure they improve efficiency, conserve energy, improve cost control and positively contribute to their clients’ bottom line. The development of EMW’s world class maintenance programs with major clients, speaks volumes to the leadership and innovative abilities of EMW.


EMW’s unique entrepreneurial spirit has helped them grow to be the multi-facetted, product and service provider they are today. They have built long lasting, dependable relationships with many significant companies. EMW is 100% focused on building long-term relationships with each of the clients they work with. From design to fabrication, logistics, installation and maintenance, they are here to see the project through from concept to ongoing maintenance.

EMW helps maximize the performance of customers that share their values
of safety, quality, leadership, integrity, and relationship building.


Safety - EMW believes in taking care of their people in order to strengthen the ability of our company to perform and compete now and in the future.


Quality - With experienced employees using quality equipment and supplies, EMW creates effective solutions and implements preventative maintenance to keep your equipment running.


Leadership - Your company has invested in people, assets and processes that provide you with a competitive advantage. So has EMW. Their expertise can help you maintain and build capacity, and further improve your operational efficiency and long-term profitability.


Integrity - EMW advises clients based on solutions that will max success, not on ‘what they want to hear’. EMW is proud of the success their customers enjoy because they have been honest and committed to serving their needs.


Relationship Building – EMW has strong partnerships and exclusive arrangements with key clients. EMW is your valuable business partner!



Our Company Profile


With world-class quality EMW designs, fabricates, installs, and maintains equipment for clients in  various industries. As a leader in innovation and safety, their job is to always look for ways to improve customer efficiency, conserve energy, and contribute to their customers’ bottom line.



EMW is 100% focused on building long term relationships with their customers. In order to be the service provider of choice to their clients, EMW treats each customer as a unique company and strives to make sure that their needs are met.

EMW assists customers with green and brown field project design, upgrades, capacity increases, and the elimination of bottlenecks in the mining, oil and gas, food processing, feed processing, grain, and fertilizer industries.

EMW has in-house civil, structural, mechanical, and environmental engineering and drafting available through their strategic alliances.

With an 8,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop, capable of 200 tons of fabricated steel per month. EMW specializes in building all types of structural components, chutes, spouts, and transitions as well as specialized one off projects including conveyance, tanks, hoppers, and processing equipment.

Their new 8,000 sq. ft. state of the art blasting and painting facility is capable of handling a wide variety of coatings including all epoxy and enamel. Our facility has been constructed to capture the paint fumes to be used as heating fuel in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

EMW has their own fleet of delivery trucks that are equipped to handle the various structural steel, equipment, and components that they fabricate and
paint. Their drivers and operators are fully trained and are extremely diligent with regards to product quality and safety.

EMW installation crews consist of
    • millwrights
    • iron workers
    • welders (CWB and ASME)
    • picker truck operators
    • pipe fitters

EMW owns and maintains most of the equipment required to support their field crews (e.g. 30 and 40 ton picker trucks, rough terrain telehandler fork lifts, aerial work platforms and man lifting equipment etc.) and have negotiated alliances with crane companies and equipment rental companies.

EMW fosters a culture of expertise and craftsmanship. Their employees have access to numerous trade and safety programs, and provide apprenticeship programs in welding, industrial millwright, iron workers, steam fitter, pipe fitter, steel fabricator, boom truck operator, and parts person disciplines.

EMW employees are very experienced and are capable of designing maintenance programs for our customers, training our customers’ staff, completing inspections and providing recommendations at various levels (e.g.: visual, quantitative, infrared, vibration, ultrasound), planning repairs, coordinating planned down time and shutdown, and overhaul turn around work. EMW currently has crews working in the following industries: potash, food processing, feed processing, grain and fertilizer and oil and gas.

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